Free your feet and nails
from itchiness and fungus
in 7 days
Instantly relieves itching and excessive sweating
Destroys the cause for growth of fungus
Repairs damaged and cracked skin by 98%
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Instantly relieves itching and excessive sweating
Destroys the cause for growth of fungus
Repairs damaged and cracked skin by 98%
How did you get a fungal infection?


Excess weight

Weakened immune system

Taking antibiotics

Having varicosis

Wearing synthetic fabric

A family member has foot fungus

Dermatomycoses (from Ancient Greek – mikos - meaning "fungus") are diseases of the skin and nails.

In 92% of cases, the disease is caused by the fungi Trichophyton and Microsporum. These tough-to-kill parasites penetrate the skin via food, drink, saliva, through small skin scratches and cracks, into the deep layers of the epidermis.

They irritate the skin, causing strong itchiness, pain, tissue deterioration, and unpleasant odor. They destroy the fabric of nails, crumbling their protective barrier.
Statistics show that only 12.4% of people
get rid of fungus. Why is that so?
Because the methods that you used to treat it before DO NOT WORK!
Percentage of people who recovered from foot and nail fungus
Anti-fungal nail surgeries
are extremely inconvenient. The nail needs to be completely removed from its base, which causes horrible pain. Additionally, the effectiveness may be zero, and the nail grows back unhealthy.
Traditional medicine
only relieves the symptoms, but does not remove the cause of the fungus. The disease does not go away and the fungus spreads faster
Pharmaceutical creams
In the process of treatment, 90% of pharmaceutical creams cause withdrawal syndrome. After you discontinue treatment, the fungus comes back!
The only treatment that is capable of getting rid getting rid
of fungus forever
is OnycoSolve..

Thanks to the decomposed silver nitrates (96% silver)
How OnycoSolve can rid you of fungus
OAK bark extract
Protects the skin and eliminates itchiness and unpleasant odours. Regenerates cracks, disinfects minor wounds. Instantly eliminates itching and removes unpleasant odours. It contains tannins and гья anti-inflammatory effect.
Angelica Archangelica
This powerful herb is well known as effective way to treat fungal and bacterial infections. In the 14th century angelica had become well know as a medicinal herb throughout Europe. During the middle ages the root of the plant was believed to be effective as a treatment for the plague.
Salvia Officinalis
Essential oil of common sage (Salvia Officinalis) is frequently used against skin diseases. It penetrates the deep layers of epidermis. 100% nourishing and moisturizing skin from the inside out, instantly relieving flakiness, healing even deep cracks, making skin smooth and youthful-looking.
Tea Tree oil (Melaleuca alternifolia)
Scientifically recognized effective anti-fungal agents. Slow the growth of Trichophyton and Microsporum fungi, attacks fungal cells, damaging their membranes. Most importantly, your skin gains immunity, and after finishing treatment, you will never have to deal with fungus again!
Got rid of ITCHING
Feet stopped sweating
Stopped scaling & cracking
fungal parasite destroyed
Side effects
Prolonged action of drug after stopping treatment
min 12 months
Clinical trials were conducted in 2016 on the site of a clinic based in Toronto. A volunteer group of men and women aged 25 to 78 years participated in the medical testing of the drug. The photographs below and numbers above are data collected as part of the study and indicate successful results. The drug is approved and recommended by dermatologists.
Results BEFORE/AFTER OnycoSolve



Result after 2.5 weeks



Result after 4 weeks



Result after 3.5 weeks



Result after 5 weeks
Do doctors have any objections to OnycoSolve?
DR. Joyce Villaren
Chief dermatologist
15 years of experience
OnycoSolve is a real breakthrough in the treatment of foot and nail fungus without resorting to antibiotics or laser surgery.

67 out of 70 of my patients with fungus state that they got rid of itchiness, skin cracks, excess sweat and odors in less than 2 weeks. They have been living without fungus for many long, happy months now.

I was personally convinced that with OnycoSolve, it is possible to quickly and easily get rid of unpleasant symptoms, and most importantly of the cause of the fungus, at home. I recommend it!
How to use
Gently cleanse your skin, wiping it dry with a towel or napkin
Apply the spray to the soles, toes, and nails of your feet, rubbing in the solution into your soles and into every damaged nail 2-3 times per day
Wake up with the feeling of freedom from fungus!
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Testimonials from people using OnycoSolve
I've been treating this problem for over a year. I've tried everything: pills, salves, creams. I've tried consulting dermatologists, I've tried traditional medicine. Zero effect. It was extremely awkward going to the swimming pool. It caused me a lot of trouble, emotionally and physically. This continued for almost 2 years. The solution came from an unexpected place. My mother-in-law, with whom I have a strained relationship, brought me OnycoSolve. In 2 weeks, I had completely forgotten about the fungus. It has been 5 months, and it hasn't come back! Me and my mother-in-law are best friends now :)

Mr. and Mrs. Leopoldo and Brigitta Asuncion,
Ilo Ilo City
I'm happy to share my successful experimental treatment with OnycoSolve! I've only been using it for 2 months, but I can already see the effect, my nails look promising. And most importantly, the growing nail bed is HEALTHY and the unpleasant smell has disappeared and, above all, the unbearable itch is gone!!!! I'm so happy, thanks to my wife: she is the one who found OnycoSolve. It's lucky that she ordered it through this website, because I've read reviews from people who got fakes! I got significantly better relatively quickly.

José Ocampo, Tacloban City
Tried to cure my fungus with herbs, and got dermatitis from contact with stinging nettle as a result! My dermatologist said that he'll fix me if I promise to stop playing doctor myself :) What helped me was the OnycoSolve therapy. I rubbed it into my feet. The itch went away on the first day, flakiness and skin cracks on the 3rd, and the fungus disappeared completely in 2 weeks. The best thing is that I got rid of the excess sweating and awful smell! Since then, I haven't had fungus in 1.5 years!

Mark Aquino, Oklahoma City
Main advantages of OnycoSolve
Easy and pleasant to use. Has a pleasant scent and doesn't stain clothing. The light spray is quickly absorbed into skin, moisturizes and freshens feet.
Two courses of treatment are enough to relieve itching. Flakiness and skin cracks go away after several days. Excess sweating and odour disappear.
The effect of the treatment lasts long-term, so you won't feel any discomfort for a long time after finishing treatment.Does not create dependency or cause withdrawal symptoms.
Approved by dermatologists in 19 countries
Manufactured strictly in accordance with international GMP and ISO standards
OnycoSolve is the first fast-acting treatment against fungus with silver nitrate
Free your feet and nails
from itchiness and fungus
in 7 days
Instantly relieves itchiness and excessive sweating
Removes the cause Defeats fungus
Smoothens flaky and cracked skin by 98%
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